The Z Factor


THe Z Factor

Ultimate Health, Energy, Vitality and Wellness Retreat

The Z-Factor is a premier health, energy and well-being workshop and retreat that has already helped countless people around the world get fit, regain their energy and live vibrant lives.

Run by the world-renowned health guru Joseph McClendon III, our exclusive four-day seminar will produce AMAZING results.

For four days, McClendon feeds you, moves you and educates you about a healthy lifestyle. His light, humoristic way of presenting, makes it easy to digest all the information.

But that’s not what makes the Z-factor truly unique in its genre. Joseph, who is an expert in neurosciences, helps also to condition yourself so that you finally start doing what’s good for you...and keep on doing it for the rest of your life. “Everybody knows how to lose weight and how to be healthy” Joseph says, “the challenge of getting one’s self to do it when we don’t want to do it is an issue that is not addressed.” He addresses it, and it works, which makes this seminar a priceless experience.

Joseph, who holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience, uses a unique approach to condition your mind and body so that healthy living will become second nature. The process is simple, the method is completely effective and the results are guaranteed and sustainable.

He addresses issues such as weight loss, disease prevention, attaining maximum levels of energy, age reversal and a whole lot more.

You will discover exactly how your body functions and how to use this new-found knowledge to consistently get the very best out of your body.

During the retreat you will learn:

• How to effectively lose, gain or maintain the weight that is correct for you.

• The difference between acid and alkaline foods and how they affect every aspect of your being.

• Which foods are best for you and how and when to eat them.

• To love beneficial foods and reject those that harm your body.

• How to naturally bolster your energy levels without resorting to drugs or stimulants.

• Specific methods of moving that will strengthen and fortify your body.

• How to drastically slow down, arrest and even reverse the aging process.

• The eight pillars of health, wellbeing and vitality.

• How the mind, heart and body work together to bring about ultimate overall physical and mental change.

• How to get much MORE energy through LESS sleep.

• How to fire up your libido and channel it effectively.

• To LOVE exercise and to use your lungs to their maximum capacity.

• How to extend your life expectancy and - most importantly - improve your QUALITY of life.

And much, MUCH more!!!!!

We promise you, once you’ve tried Joseph’s methods, you’ll NEVER look back!

Only when you fully understand how your mind and body are connected can you confidently expect to improve every aspect of your life.

So, if looking and feeling fabulous is a priority, then there’s only one thing you need to do: book yourself a ticket for this OUTSTANDING seminar!

Dates and times coming soon.