Cure for the Common Life

The Science of Manifesting Abundance

We all have the ability to influence the universe to bring into our lives the situations, the circumstances and even the material things that we deem important and necessary. You’ve been doing it your whole life. Your about to learn to do it better and faster.

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to have all the luck? Their lives just seem smother and things just seem to go their way more often? They tend to get the things they want easier? Well luck is not necessarily a random occurrence. It can be created and at the very least influenced to flow in your favor. Good luck can be learned skill not just a coincidence. Luck is when Opportunity meets Preparation. So let’s prepare you to attract what you want receive that which you are attracting.

Settling for what we get and hoping that things will change is not the most efficient way of making your dreams come true. Yet it is the most common school of thought and behavior of most people on the planet. We are not at the mercy of what life seems to hand us. And hard work and suffering is not the only way to make things happen.

It is your birthright to attract into your life that which you desire. It is one of the most fundamental laws of the universe. You’ve heard it your whole life. The fundamentals are found in some form in every religion, every philosophy and in every culture around the world. Ask and you shall receive, “As you reap so shall you sow,” “Cause and effect,” etc.

What is it?

The “Cure for the common life” is a step by step, easy to follow, 4 CD audio system that systematically enhances our natural ability to influence our surroundings to bring into our lives the situations and outcomes we desire. You will greatly accelerate the already proven method of manifesting that which you deem important and necessary. You’ll learn how to literally create something from nothing.

Our outcome is to provide for you the proven tools and the strategies for you to simply and easily create more abundance and success in your life NOW! We wish the best for you and your loved ones.


You will learn to:

Make the universe hand you what you desire
Tap into your right to have what you want.
Attract more of what you want
Focus in on what it is that you really want
Create abundance and joy NOW
And much, much more!

Why Buy NOW?

Your future can’t and shouldn’t wait to feel better about the past.
The longer you wait the further your future gets from you.
You deserve to be, do, and have the best Now!
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What is included?

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4 CD’s in the form of MP3’s
Complete workbook (PDF format)
Normal Retail $110.00

Special Online Price only: $87.00