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Motivation is a Myth... The power is in the “DO”

 Joseph McClendon lll

Joseph McClendon lll is one of the most sought after Ultimate Performance Specialists in the industry. His unique brand of “Tell, Show, Do” teaching and coaching create rapid personal change that effectively moves people to take more consistent action and go “Further Faster” with their personal and business achievements.

He holds several certifications in the neurosciences arena. Joseph taught at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) for seven years and is frequently called upon to lecture at other higher learning institutions like Harvard University and several fortune 500 hundred companies.

Having performed hundreds of workshops, coaching sessions, seminars and training programs, one-on-one therapeutic interventions and has presented to well over 3 million people around the globe. His remarkable ability to go straight to the core of the challenge and effect rapid change makes him a unique commodity in business, personal and health and wellness and personal improvement.

In 1986, Joseph met and teamed up with best-selling author and speaker Anthony Robbins. After mastering the technology, he became extremely proficient in assisting people in overcoming the fears, phobias and emotional challenges that hindered their lives.

Mr. McClendon has authored several best-selling books including two with world famous Anthony Robbins, and he shared the stage with him for two decades.

He has also authored several other books as well as a line of human change technology products and services. He is a philanthropist who’s most recent project is developing a program with Forest Whitaker and the United Nations to bring a psychology shift in the child soldiers and forgotten battle babies of war torn countries around the world.

Joseph McClendon is frequently called upon to provide corporate training, keynote addresses, workshops, and seminars for many fortune 500 companies in the United States as well as across Europe and Australia.

He is an expert in coaching sales business professionals in overcoming the behaviors and inner and outer obstacles that may impede their results and affect their bottom line.
Joseph McClendon provides them with the influence skills and tools that give the professional the competitive advantage necessary to prosper in the market place of the new millennium.  


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Joseph’s approach to speaking, presenting and training is simple but effective: Every company and or group is unique and different, and every team has its learning and execution dynamics. Strict attention to detail and customizable content makes the likelihood of the team adapting and utilizing what they have learned increase geometrically.

Joseph personally interviews each company/group’s managers, team leaders, and pertinent key individuals and then researches the field. He then tailors his presentation to meet the needs and specific outcomes of the event for ongoing results. His unique, hands on, interactive presentation style keeps the individuals engaged and active throughout.

Although, all of Joseph McClendon III’s speeches, presentations and workshops are dynamically inspiring, motivating and empowering. Motivation alone does not produce results. Personal performance enhancement learning is what ultimately changes the bottom line.

Due to the unique nature of Joseph McClendon III’s content and delivery, all presentations will produce a specific result at the moment as well as; all participants will leave with tools to create ongoing results and sustainable change in the future.

From small businesses to fortune 500 companies and everything in between, Joseph’s keynote, corporate presentations and training are the difference that makes the difference.

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